Virtualization Vs. Cloud Computing

Aren’t they the same?

Unfortunately, the terms—cloud computing and virtualization–are often used interchangeably, but really mean different things with a lot of similarities and dependencies.

“Cloud computing” is the delivery of computing resources — hardware and software—over a network such as the Internet. Cloud computing includes virtualization.

Virtualization refers to the abstraction of the solution from the infrastructure internally or externally on any level of the computer stack—hardware or software–to optimize resource usage. However, virtualization requires hosted environments. The cloud is a hosted environment and this makes it perfect platform for virtualization.

Virtualization extends the infrastructure scalability, automation provisioning and other capabilities of cloud computing.

Moving forward with this understanding, we will now appreciate that virtualization is one of the enabling technologies used in cloud computing environments to increase the utilization of machines and reduce the number of physical devices in use. It speeds up IT operations and facilitates automation.

To conclude, virtualization and cloud computing are not the same. Cloud computing is a way of working. Virtualization is one of the technologies used to help you get the best out of cloud computing.

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