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Supernet is a legal, licensed and independent Internet Service (ISP) Provider In Indonesia.

Supernet is the gateway to unique and customized IP Transit and Telecommunications infrastructure services.

Supernet offers a wide range of bandwidth allocation to suit your needs, ranging from 64 Kbps to unlimited, with a 1:1 ratio or other ratio.

Supernet delivers the internet service with Fiber Optic as the primary backbone and redundant connections and highly efficient bandwidth aggregation in a switched Ethernet ring topology. This is to ensure maximum uptime and users will not experience any downtime since the connection will be backed up with the connection from nearby Point of Presence – PoP (Building).

For international connectivity, Supernet leases several International Private Leased Circuit (IPLC) from well-known operators, that connects to different upstream (NTT, Level3, PCCW, Singtel, Tata, etc) and peering partners with Google, Facebook, Yahoo, Amazon, Akamai, and others. This infrastructure provides the shortest and direct path from Indonesia to Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, China, United States, and other major countries.

Currently, Supernet has a large bandwidth capacity for international connections with our own international upstream link backed up with full redundant Fiber Optic cables. Our local bandwidth is directly connected to Indonesia Internet Exchange (IIX), Open IXP, APJII, MSC-IX, BIX and other private peering with some prominent ISPs.

Supernet has also been directly connected with Facebook, Microsoft (Windows update, MSN Portals, Bing, Windows cloud system), Google (YouTube, Google Apps), Yahoo! (YM, Yahoo Portals), Akamai (world’s largest content platform) and many other more. These peering will definitely boost up your browsing experience towards these giant world famous search engines along with their applications and other daily routines involving Internet.

Apart from that, we have a direct link to Level3 (link to America and Australia), Telin (link towards Asia), NTT (link towards Europe), EQUINIX (backhaul link for South East Asia regions), and etc, ensuring and guaranteeing our clients with multiple routes and backup connections at any given point of time. With this, our clients are able to select their Internet routing preference (if they want to concentrate their traffic to a specific or particular route: USA, Canada, Europe, Africa, Asia or Australia) with no additional cost.

Supernet is your one stop access to global connectivity and optimal routing through its robust IP Infrastructure.

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