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OptimizedIP is Supernet solution for Mission Critical Application. IP Networks are not all the same. All traditional public internet haslimits on two things: BGP routing (relies on shortest AS paths) and best effort ignoring key quality metrics. Even the best IP networks have limited control to end hosts (dependent on peer and customer networks to reach end hosts).
Supernet OptimizedIP doesn’t rely solely on BGP routing or AS hops, it routes based on measureable quality metrics: packet loss, jitter, and latency/RTT.

Importance of Quality Metrics in Routing:
• High numbers cause significant negative effects for Internet traffic.
• High packet loss.
- 1% on short round-trip time distances can cut TCP throughput by 95%.
- Causes problems for real-time traffic:
• VoIP/Audio – distortion and noise.
• Video – stuttering video.
• Gaming – poor interactive response.
• High round-trip time (RTT)

- Causes reduced throughput due to TCP window/buffer size issues
• As RTT increases, throughput falls, with 64KB windows and increase in RTT from 10ms to 100ms results in a 10 fold reduction in TCP throughput from 50Mbps to 5Mbps.
- Causes problems for real-time traffic
• VoIP – ITU recommendations for good voice quality are RTT < 150ms
• Gaming – poor interactive response
• High jitter

- Causes problems for real-time traffic, audio quality for VoIP is reduced

Supernet OptimizedIP Routes Traffic based on Quality

One connection to Supernet’s IP platform solves problems associated with traditional Internet routing:
• Measurable quality based route optimization among multiple Tier-1 ISP’s, simultaneously
• Avoids congestion, improves quality, and efficiency in real-time
• Simplifies Internet Provider multi-homing with one connection to many
• Directly peer with Tier 1 Internet Providers
• Fastest way to reach remote IP destinations & VoIP gateways

How does OptimizedIP work?

• Supernet’s patented technology determines test IP addresses for networks on the Internet in 3 ways:
- Manual entry and optionally associated networks
- Dynamic determination from Sflow information
- Dynamic determination using ICMP traceroute, looking for:
* Gateway routers on the network
* Routers one or two hops away from the end network
• Tests then conducted periodically using ICMP ‘ping’ packets
- As often as every 15 minutes
• Tests then used for routing among the IP backbone providers. Default selection algorithm:
- Lowest packet loss route, if equal
- Lowest RTT, except if RTT is within 10% of best uses,
- Lowest jitter
• Algorithm configurable, BGP used as final tiebreaker

Supernet OptimizedIP Outperforms Traditional IP Solutions

Key Benefits:
• Outperform single backbones and standard multi-homing transit with a direct connection to multiple leading ISP’s
• Use a single interconnect for multi-homing to simplify supplier contract management and reduce costs
• Leverage optimized routing to reach remote VoIP gateways
• Avoid traffic congestion with near real-time optimization
• Eliminate the equipment and engineering costs of in-house optimization

Supernet OptimizedIP vs. Public Internet (Ploss)

Test among 8 leading Internet backbone providers on Supernet’s Singapore IP Exchange OptimizedIP improves packet loss by 88.73% against BGP multi-homing.

Supernet OptimizedIP vs. Public Internet (RTT)

*Test among 8 leading Internet backbone providers on Supernet’s Singapore IP Exchange.
*Supernet OptimizedIP improves RTT by 15.08% against BGP multi-homing.

Supernet OptimizedIP vs. Public Internet (Jitter)

*Test among leading Internet backbone providers on Supernet’s Singapore IP Exchange.
*Supernet OptimizedIP improves Jitter by 77.35% against BGP multi-homing.

Entire Internet Test Results
Test performed across 260,970 routes (table size in London 302817, data for 86.18% of the table)

Results: Significant impact to the performance of IP Applications

Supernet OptimizedIP Provides Internet Cost Savings
-Traditional IP backbone provider billing is monthly 95th peak based
-Supernet OptimizedIP uses Daily 95th percentile billing (bills the peaks by days, not by month).

*In December, an ISP customer’s traffic peaks before the New Year
*OptimizedIP daily 95th billing, peak 60M only applied to 4 days
*Typical Internet backbone provider monthly 95th billing, peak 60M applies to entire month (versus 4 days with OptimizedIP)

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