Super Router Managed Router Service

Enhance your network connectivity.

Do you need to enhance the availability, performance and efficiency of your network operations — without increasing IT resources?

Super Router service provides turnkey management of your WAN routers to address these needs. The service includes installation, configuration, monitoring, management and maintenance of the routers, with optional security packages, providing remote access to your network and/or blocking unauthorized access, while permitting authorized communications.

Why Use us?

  • Protect Network Performance and Availability: Extend expert monitoring andmanagement resources to your premises routers.
  • Boost Productivity: Offload router management from your in-house IT resources tofree them for other tasks.
  • Enhance Efficiency and Ease Support: Provide a single point of contact for theend-to-end management of your network.
  • Enable Better Service: Improve network performance and customer operationsthat depend on the network.
  • Allow Remote Access while Increasing Protection: Regulate the traffic flow via theoptional security packages.
  • Optimize IT Spending: Processes and monitoring tools help you reduce performanceissues, potentially decreasing customer management and support costs.

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