Super Smart: Full IT Outsourcing

Super Smart IT Outsourcing Services deliver a agile and flexible service, specially designed to assist our customer to align their IT functions to their core business requirement. Being an IT Outsourcing company, we aim to help relieve IT department and staffs from the day to day maintenance activity to allow them to focus on delivering strategic value back to their business by developing a scalable infrastructure.

By outsourcing to us, we can:

  • keep your system running is optimal condition while you focus on incrementing core business function.
  • reduce your operation cost typically by 35% or more.
  • reduce your business risk by investing in services not technologies.
  • provide you access to take advantage of the latest technologies.
  • resolve your IT recruitment issues.
  • deliver you the flexibility and scalability to grow your business in the current and future market.
  • deliver fixed service level agreement to your core systems, ensuring business uptime and optimizing business processes give your business fixed monthly costs.
  • develop a business continuity plan and disaster recovery planning.

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