Supernet Connect

Supernet Connect is the largest Global ‘Meet-Me- Room’ for Voice and Data Connectivity, linking the major regional Telecom Hubs around the World. Supernet’s reach extends to almost 50 Telehouses, enabling access to approximately 1,000 Operators and Service Providers, 250 of which are already pre-connected to the network. Once pre-connected, customers can enjoy the benefits provided by the largest global ‘Meet-Me-Room’, Supernet Connect.

The MPLS-IP VPN network is built on Core Routing Technology and provides seamless IP connectivity between all POP’s and bridges regional and national MPLS networks globally.

Supernet Data Connect can also operate as “your virtual PoP” by simply leasing ports on any of our nodes across the entire network. With this setup customers can have a low cost fully managed presence and choose any other network provider for capacity extensions to other locations. Supernet Network supports the full range of TDM and Ethernet ports to allow for full flexibility across the Global footprint.

Services are delivered by Supernet dedicated Carrier Services Team. This Team manages the order and delivery process throughout to warrant a timely and smooth handover of services.
Supernet operates a strict “no competition” policy with its Carrier Customers which guarantees integrity, confidentiality and avoids difficult channel conflicts.

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