IP Transit and Dedicated Internet Service

The Internet, as we know today, provides a whole new user experience. Customers in both enterprise and consumer markets demand fast and reliable rich media content from high resolution images to graphics-intensive games and live streaming video. The advent of web 2.0 enabled users to participate in content creation, which created greater demand for bandwidth and reliable web connection.

Supernet`s IP Transit Service targets national and international corporations who want one-hop global connectivity to major Internet peering points and content providers. We offer high-performance, cost-effective Internet connectivity in Asia; together with comprehensive peering agreements to major overseas networks and top content providers on the World Wide Web.

Key Features:
• One-hop connectivity to major Internet peering points and Internet content sites worldwide and including the Indonesia Internet Exchange (IIX).
• Offered at fixed, average and available (95/5) billing method catering to different customer needs.
• Variable bandwidth options from T1/E1 to 45 Mbps, Fast Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet, and up to 10 Gigabit Ethernet.
• Online Reporting show circuit maximum, average and current data rate per incoming and outgoing direction.
• Committed SLA.
• Dedicated 1:1 Contention

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