International Private Line (IPL)

Direct city-to-city, leased capacity offers the best quality, most secure options for corporations and carriers building networks across multiple regions and markets.

Built on our partners’ pan-Asian fiber cable network and our own national backhaul in major Asian markets, Supernet`s International Private Line (IPL) offers you unmatched door-to-door connectivity from a wide variety of choices.

With Supernet, you are buying peace of mind, knowing that the solution has multiple redundancies and the highest quality Service Level Agreement (SLA) in the industry. Supernet cuts out the added complexity and cost of purchasing through an intermediary to ensure fast provisioning times, real-time performance monitoring and restoration in the event of network disruption.

Bandwidth Availability:
• 2 Mbps
• 4 Mbps
• 6 Mbps
• 8 Mbps
• 10 Mbps
• 100 Mbps
• 1,000 Mbps
• E1
• DS3
• STM-1
• STM-4
• STM-16

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